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  • Poppies and wildflowers: red poppy, California poppy, 2 wildflowers varieties
    This ready-to-grow kit allows you to bring in a touch of colour to your home with these highly decorative flowers. It is sold with a supple window box in which you can sow your seeds. The window box can be placed outdoors (terrace, balcony) or in a well-lit room. The kit also includes some potting compost which specifically answers the needs of the plants.

    Terres de Ville has developed a complete range of plant seeds grouped together by varieties in the all-in-one-kits. So you only need to water the kit regularly to see your seedlings grow day after day. Practical and fun, this ready-to-grow kit will also appeal to children.

    It is not necessary to plant all the seeds in the window box. You can also plant the seeds elsewhere, or keep some for next year.

    The kit includes: - 4 seeds packets: red poppy, California poppy, 2 wildflowers varieties
    - A waterproof, supple, polyester window box with 4 compartments.
    - 1 pack of 4 squares of potting compost 100% natural (suited to the window box' compartments).
    - An advice book to help you with your gardening.
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  • Growing Kit  Poppies and wildflowers
    Growing Kit Poppies and wildflowers

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