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September 18th, 2020
Flamboyant trees, Baobabs, Wollemi... Book yours quickly before they sell out!
The coming back of rare plants
The Royal Poinciana
A spectacular blossom!
The Royal Poinciana
Only to be grown indoors under our latitude, the Flamboyant tree thriving in sun and warmth. It is only possible to grow it outdoors if the temperatures never fall below 10°C!
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The Baobab
An invitation to travel!
The Baobab
To be grown indoors, The Baobab will bring in a touch of the African savannah into your lounge! If you want it to be even more luxuriant, place it outdoors during the summer months.
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The Wollemi
A living fossil!
The Wollemi
How about owing a tree which has known dinosaurs? The Wollemi nobilis is one of the most ancient specie still alive on our planet (some fossils are more than 90 million years old!) This plant which has nearly become extinct is nowadays part of a conservation program.
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