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  • - Diameter: 40 cm
    - Height: 90 cm
    - Weight: 80 kg
    - Material: Granite

    Lantern delivered in 6 parts.
    To be assembled with mortar or a suitable glue.

    The Japanese lantern Rankei allows you to decorate your garden during day and light it up at night.
    Its sleek shape and its unique style make it a great element for your outdoor decoration. The shape of its roof is designed to retain snow in winter. Sculpted in granite, it withstands perfectly difficult climatic conditions.

    In the same way as ornamental lakes and ponds, gravel paths or wooden pagodas, the Japanese lanterns 'Ishi Doro', symbolise Japanese-style gardens. Originally, these lanterns come from China. They have been introduced in Japan in the era of Nara, on the 7th century. Firstly, they were made of metal, but stone, more suited to outdoor conditions has prevailed.

    Their initial function was to light up believers in temples, during nocturnal religious ceremonies. It is also said that their light symbolised the presence of spirits. It is only later on, that these lanterns have come out of temples to appear in gardens. They were particularly used to mark out the paths between the habitations and the tea houses.

    We take an inventory of several shapes of 'Ishi Doro' lanterns, each one having its proper noun. Certain lanterns are standard lamps; others are just sitting on the ground. Their roof can be rounded, square, hexagonal and more or less tilted. In Japan, it is possible to find lanterns that are up to 5 metres high.
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  • Japanese Granite Lantern - Rankei - H.090 cm
    Japanese Granite Lantern - Rankei - H.090 cm

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