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  • 9.90 € Aquasolo - Universal water reserve for round and square pots
    A0181 - Unavailable Irrigation cone sold separately
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  • Aquasolo water reserve
    Aquasolo water reserve
    Aquasolo water reserve
    Aquasolo water reserve
    Aquasolo water reserve
    Aquasolo water reserve
  • Description
  • Finished the drudgery of watering!
    The AQUASOLO-reserve transforms your favourite pots into small water reservoirs.

    Aquasolo-reserve consists of a 2 litre reservoir which fits both round and square pots that are more than 30cm wide.

    1 • Assemble the reservoir + cone (cone not supplied) + sheath and place it all in the pot. The lip of the reservoir should be level with the soil.
    2 • Put in the plant and then fill the pot with soil.
    3 • Lift off the cover and fill the reservoir with water.

    To keep your plants healthy do not keep the reservoir permanently full, let it empty fully then wait a few days before filling it again.

    • Reservoir: Capacity of 2 litres. Removable, very easy to clean and allows the maintenance of the cone (cone not supplied).
    • Cover: Avoids the evaporation of the water. Allows quick and easy monitoring of the water level and its cleanliness.
    • Sheath: Once in place, it retains the soil whilst the water reservoir is being cleaned.
    • Cone (sold separately): Thanks to the Aquasolo micro porous ceramic cone, the plant will benefit from regular controlled daily watering. Suits the size of pot used and the type of plant, either green leaved or flowering.

    Perfect for round or square pots that have a width greater than 30cm.

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