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  • Technical specifications:
    Handle length: 100 cm
    Spade length: 28 cm
    Spade width: top 20 cm
    bottom 17 cm
    Weight of spade head : 1 kg
    Spade: Tempered steel
    Handle: Tri material Novagrip

    Brand: LEBORGNE ®
    Guarantee: 2 years.
    Reference: 305283.
    EAN: 3157333052835.

    For turning over earth, digging in manure and transplanting plants...

    - 2.3 mm thick steel.
    - Head made of tempered steel for greater resistance to wear and tear (hardness HRC 50/55).
    - Foot rest ensuring comfort and safety (does not cut boots).
    - Curved blade for easier soil penetration.
    - Tri material Novagrip handle (fibre glass, polypropylene and elastomer)
    - Suggested for light soils that do not stick and have few stones.

    Strong points:
    - Solid fitting for the handle into the spade head.
    - The Novagrip handle is unbreakable, it reduces vibrations and gives a comfortable grip.
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  • Edged spade with Novagrip handle - Leborgne
    Edged spade with Novagrip handle - Leborgne

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