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  • Technical specifications:
    Handle length: 100 cm
    Fork head length: 30 cm
    Fork head width: 19 cm
    Head weight: 1,25 kg
    Head: forged and tempered steel
    Handle: eucalyptus wood

    Brand: LEBORGNE
    Guarantee: 2 years.
    Reference: 432291.
    EAN: 3157334322913.

    For turning over heavy and stony soil and digging the ground around plants

    - Fork head made of forged and tempered steel for less wear and tear.
    - Handle made from eucalyptus wood certified PEFC (wood sourced from sustainable managed forests).

    Strong points:
    Eucalyptus is a strong dense wood that does not deform.
    Handle coated with clear varnish.
    Solid fitting for the handle into the fork head.
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  • Digging fork with wooden handle - Leborgne
    Digging fork with wooden handle - Leborgne

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