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  • Deciding on the plants to grow around a swimming pool is a pleasurable task but do treat it seriously, because there are quite a few constraints that must be taken into account. Any planting will need to be pretty and functional and must not hinder the operating of the pool!

    The area around the pool is a delicate place. Care must be taken not to disturb the pool's foundations if it is a sunken pool, and attention needs to be paid to any future pipes that may need to be laid. It is especially important to prevent leaves from falling into the pool, not only during the autumn but also in the summer when the pool is used most. Finally, the chosen plants should have a holiday appeal as it is during this period that time is spent looking at them from the pool!

    Palms are the answer
    The best-suited plants for around a pool are without doubt palm trees. As well as the slightly exotic touch that they bring to the pool, they also have the advantage of looking good throughout the year and they do not loose their leaves although they do need cutting off when they become dry. As they grow bigger, their roots do not pose a threat to the pool's foundations.
    The Chinese palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) can be grown in any region! As long as the temperatures in winter do not fall below -7C you can grow quite a wide range of palm trees, in particular the Washingtonia and the Phoenix.
    Accompany your palm trees with exotic plants like the spineless Yucca (Yucca elephantipes) in hotter regions. The hardier Yuccas with pointed leaves are too dangerous to be grown in areas where children are likely to be running around.

    Other good choices
    Among the other plants that you could use are some of the large leaved specimens. They are less likely to dirty the water than those with fine leaves such as the Mimosas (Acacia) or Albizia. The Fatsia, Smoke bush (Cotinus) and small sized bamboos with large leaves such as the Sasa are all good choices for around the pool.
    You could also chose to create a more striking appearance by creating a very contemporary scene around the pool. Select shrubs and bushes that can be pruned in to the shape of balls or clouds: Box and box Holly (Ilex crenata) will not cause any problems around the pool.
    By contrast, do not think of planting conifers, whose roots may lead to damage. However, there is an exception the cryptomeria japonica 'Gracilis', which does not loose many needles and only has superficial roots. It also changes colour with the seasons!

    Things to think about
    Think before planting evergreens around the pool because these plants loose up to a third of their leaves during the year, which is quite a large volume. In addition, they have a tendency to loose them during the middle of summer, which is exactly when you want to use the pool.
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  • Shrubs and trees around a swimming pool
    Shrubs and trees around a swimming pool
    The best-suited plants for around a pool are without doubt palm trees.

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