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  • Seasonal flowers are plants that can be bought just prior to flowering or already in bloom. They will only live for one summer or one autumn, but they will add a burst of colour to a border that is either slow to get going or lacks colour. Be careful: they are delicate...

    Before planting...
    Choose plants that are in bud as those in flower will be shorter lived. Choose specimens that have more buds than open flowers. Pots that are covered in flowers are usually raised in greenhouses under very favourable conditions. By planting them, the gardener makes himself happy, but for the plant concerned it is a total shock! Nothing will have prepared it for the harsh conditions that it will encounter such as wind, cold nights etc. It therefore must be acclimatised for several days at the base of an outside sheltered wall, away from draughts. Water them as much as is needed for the soil not to dry out: the soil must feel a little moist to the touch when lightly pressed.
    Better to choose those varieties that flower over a long period. Marigolds for example will produce flowers up to the first frosts. Some flowers will bloom in one large display but then form no more flowers: their effect is obviously limited. It is the case for the Campanulas like « Star of Bethlehem » whose effect is fleeting especially if the temperatures drop.

    At planting time
    Annuals are not meant to last a long time in the garden. It is therefore a waste of time to do the same level of preparation as for a shrub or perennial plant. Do not untangle the root ball, as this will weaken the plant. Mix the soil so that it is broken up. It should be crumbly without any lumps. Add a slow release fertilizer that is rich in potash, but do not exceed the stated dosage shown on the box. Plant the specimen making sure to cover the root ball with 2cm of soil. In heavy soil plant the annual on a 5cm high mound of soil rather then flush with the soil. Do not compact the soil around the roots and once planted water them copiously; the plant will settle in itself.

    Looking after them
    Seasonal flowers are always delicate even with the best of care. It is a good idea to protect them if bad weather is expected that could harm them. If a storm or a hail shower is predicted then cover them with a non-woven material. Stake them against strong winds. Remove any dead flowers as this helps conserve the plant’s strength. Do not hesitate to cut of the ends of the stems if they get too long as this will encourage them to shoot out.
    Seasonal flowers will have been treated during their initial stage to encourage them to thicken out and become denser. It is therefore normal that when they are planted in the garden the shape of the plant will change and get more spread out. It means that they have settled in !
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  • Seasonal flowers (Annuals)
    Seasonal flowers (Annuals)
    Before planting...

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