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  • If the trees in your neighbourhood are creating a problem, neighbourly relationships could turn sour or even a war could start! It is pointless to go that far: everybody would loose out...

    Talk first
    Branches are growing on your side… and it bothers you? Do not let bad feelings get the better of you! Inform your neighbour as soon as you can that this fact annoys you. You do not need to justify yourself: Each one of us has the right to use their garden as they wish. Explain the fact simply and orally. In general, a request made politely, without expressing resentment, is quickly carried out. If on the other hand you make your request with an unpleasant tone of voice, your neighbour might be less inclined to give you satisfaction. Even more reasons not to delay a small request.
    If nothing happens within a reasonable delay (at least a month, even two), you might arguably, have to refresh your neighbour’s memory. However, maybe he prefers pruning his trees at a more suitable time. In that case, better being patient, as you will also benefit from pruning carried out at the right time!.

    Formal notice
    If your neighbour is very negligent, then you will have to change your approach. If the branches are excessively sticking out over your property and your neighbour has not done anything about your former, oral request, write to him. Send him a letter reminding him of your request and demand him to carry out the pruning necessary, within two months, in order to keep your good neighbourly relationship going. It is pointless to threaten him. However, you can indicate that without a response on his part, you reserve the possibility of taking him to court.

    The lawsuit, a bad solution
    In reality, you will not gain anything by taking your neighbour to court. The process’s is long and not free. However, more importantly, the relationship between yourself and your neighbour will be damaged, which is never good. Mediators exist in some areas. They are persons whose mission is to help people with conflicts to reach an agreement. The mediator is impartial, not taking anybody’s side. He simply helps the dialogue to flow. Moreover, more often than not, a good dialogue is all that is missing...

    A little bit of goodwill
    Nothing prevents you from doing something positive to solve the problem! Indeed why not suggest to your neighbour, to take responsibility for part of the work? You are then assured that the work will be carried out and that will show goodwill on your part. If you are prepared to undertake the pruning, ask your neighbour’s agreement first. It is better to tell him rather than go behind his back, which could again damage your good relationship...
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  • In case of problems with your neighbours
    In case of problems with your neighbours
    A small tidying up is better than harsh pruning!
    Author: Jean-Michel Groult
    In case of problems with your neighbours
    In case of problems with your neighbours
    Pruned often, the hedge is denser, giving your privacy as well as keeping good neighbourly relationships.
    Author: Jean-Michel Groult

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