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  • These balls of fur frequently like to visit gardens. A few tips will allow you to see more of them and most importantly for longer. If you have squirrels in the vicinity, these advices will attract them into your garden.

    Place feeders
    During winter, squirrels like to steal food from bird-feeders, especially if they contain peanuts, their little weakness which makes them loose their timidity. A feeder full of hazelnuts will also attract them. A simple bowl or a pot hanging are sufficient as they have a tendency to take to pieces the passerine-feeders. Hang the feeder on a large-enough branch and watch. Once a squirrel has found the manna, it hides everything in an instant which its why there is no need to supply large quantities at the same time.

    Favour deciduous hedges
    Squirrels prefer deciduous shrubs aligned like Hornbeams as they feel more secure. They do not hesitate to move around using railings or even on the ground but they will always go through bushes, as it is safer for them.

    Grow a nutritive tree
    No plant pleases better a squirrel than the Hazelnut. Choose a highly productive variety. Even if the grove is planted on its own, the squirrels present in the neighbourhood will come to it. But beware: these animals are really efficient to ‘empty’ a Hazelnut tree from all its fruits, sometimes before they come to maturity. Hazelnuts will probably be more for the animals than for you… In summer, squirrels like bay-producing trees, from the Cherry trees to the smaller-fruiting shrubs.

    Avoid traps
    Drowning and falling into narrow spaces are the squirrel worst enemies. Place large planks on ponds and swimming pools to enable the squirrel of getting out of the water if necessary. Place a wire protection at the top entrance of the gutters. This is also useful to protect birds.

    Offer it shelter
    A squirrel will not hesitate to grant itself a nesting-box in widening out the entrance-hole to get through. It also happens that squirrels eat the nesting-box inhabitants as it also occasionally feed on broods in the spring. Hanging a box with an 8cm sides opening high up on a tree is a good way of sheltering squirrels and protecting birds.

    Admire them by far
    Although not carrying diseases concerning humans (except very rare isolated cases), do not try to touch a squirrel. The cute animal will not hesitate to bite if caught by surprise and will inflict a deep wound. Content yourself with admiring its little games making little clicking sounds with your tongue: intrigued, the squirrel will get closer to you, little by little. It never attacks and its curiosity often drives it to climb on gardeners!

    Good to know
    Grey squirrel Originally from the United State, this squirrel has escaped in the nature. It supplants the red squirrel which becomes very rare. Favour the second but do not encourage the presence of the first.
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