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  • Nutriments are vital elements for the plants. Generally, plants growing in the ground find everything they need in the soil, whereas plants growing in pots need regular supplies of nutriments as they live in a reduced environment. It is even truer for bonsais as they grow in very little soil. Without a regular nutriments' supply, the soil becomes impoverished and the bonsai loses vigour.

    When do I need to feed my bonsai?
    Bonsais need a regular supply during the entire growing period that is to say from April to September. A monthly supply is necessary. From October to March, reduce the supply; even stop it for deciduous bonsais. A supply of fertiliser must always be done on a wet soil.
    Do not give fertiliser to your bonsai if it has been re-potted less than 4 to 6 weeks ago or again if your bonsai is diseased or has lost its leaves.

    Which fertiliser can I use?
    Ideally' an organic fertiliser like granulated humus which allows supplying mineral elements which are necessary for the bonsai to remain healthy. Alternate every other time with a chemical fertiliser type 12.12.17 which contains nitrogen for its leaves development, phosphorus for wood and roots development and potash for blossom and better diseases' resistance. Be careful with nitrogen though' as an excess leads to bigger leaves and increased spaces in between buds' so the opposite of what you aim for!
    Each plant having its own specific needs, it is therefore necessary to adapt the fertiliser's supplies according to the species.

    A few tips: Every month alternate between an organic fertiliser and a chemical fertiliser during the growing season, do not give your bonsai fertiliser after repotting, or if the bonsai is diseased or has lost all its leaves, watch out for nitrogen's excess.

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