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  • And how about growing a Bonsai? Indeed, why not grow several? You could even grow it from a young plant

    Growing a Bonsai is not so complicated, or reserved for the elite. It is simply a question of answering the needs of the plant and common sense. For this, it is vital to understand the essential requirements of plants and therefore know the basic notions such as water, light and food's requirements.
    Obviously, you will learn the technics and right gestures over time, with your own experience, in gleaning advice on forums, in chatting with professionals, in a bonsai's society near your home... so to start with, it is recommended not to set the bar too high and to start with essences which are reputed easy like the Japanese Maple, the Chinese Elm or the Chinese Juniper. And do not forget that it is in making mistakes that one learns!

    The Bonsai is a tree grown in a pot, according to an art practiced for centuries in China and Japan and which consists of obtaining with appropriate care, a miniature, natural looking silhouette. The pruning, repotting and shaping interventions allow getting the right balance between the tree and the pot, and a harmonious look.
    As all tree grown in pots, its growing requires specific cares: watering, fertilisation, site and shaping.
    The Bonsai is a personal creation; it gives the strange sensation of forgetting its own size to find shelter, in mind only, under its branches. Thanks to the care dispensed over the years, it will resemble exactly the model that you had chosen in Mother Nature.

    The large majority of Bonsais are outdoors's trees. They need the season's alternations to regenerate their reserves each year. This implies that they cannot leave in a flat! So you will offer them a corner of the garden, a spot on the terrace or on your balcony. They need sun, rain and wind to live... as all trees do.
    All Bonsais known as indoors' bonsais are sensitive to frost but they have to be placed outdoors in warm days.

    In the following chapters, we will only approach the basic notions which will allow you to rapidly start your Bonsai-growing, but the art of Bonsai being infinite, we can only encourage you to gather information via forums, specialized books, dedicated shows, Bonsai societies...

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