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  • Geographic origins: Europe, Asia.
    Adult size: Up to 45 cm.
    Foliage: Deciduous.
    Type of soil: All.
    Climate: Hardy.
    Position: Partial shade to full sun.

    Characteristics and uses:
    The double, late flowering Tulips 'Uncle Tom' open up their deep red, nearly black flowers in April/May.

    These late double flowered tulip have long stems and give opulent flowering with multiple petals during the month of May.
    Plant the bulbs from October through to December, the pointed end facing upwards, 15cm deep and 15cm apart. Water just after planting, then regularly through the growing period, best in the evening after the sun has set.
    Tulips can be grown in tubs, borders or rockeries in tight groups to give a more intense colourful effect.
    If there is a dry autumn or winter, some extra watering will be indispensable to ensure the roots establish themselves and they produce good flowers.
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  • Tulip Double, Late flowering 'Uncle Tom'
    Tulip Double, Late flowering 'Uncle Tom'
    Red flower - Pack of 5 tubers, class 11+

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