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  • 59.95 € Synthetic Reed Wattle Fence
    M1932 - Available Length 3 metres x Hight 1,5 metres
  • 39.95 € Synthetic Reed Wattle Fence
    M1931 - Unavailable Length 3 metres x Hight 1 metre
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  • Synthetic Reed Wattle Fence
    Synthetic Reed Wattle Fence
    Synthetic Reed Wattle Fence
    Synthetic Reed Wattle Fence
  • Description
  • This privacy screen is made up of synthetic wattle reeds of which the look perfectly imitates the natural product. Its shape takes its inspiration from split reeds. A random combination of reeds' colours reinforces the impression of a natural screen.

    Privacy level : +/- 95%
    Does not need any particular maintenance.
    Treated against UV rays, to offer a strong resistance to climatic' aggressions.

    Fastening ties allow holding the wattle fence to the wire netting (sold separately).

    Characteristics Dimensions: 1 x 3 m
    Manufactured using, in part recycled plastic. Rot-proof.
    Varied shades of natural reed
    Weaving strand to strand with a nylon thread glued to the extremities.
    Guarantee: 6 years

    This product is also available in a format of 1.5 x 3 m to be used as a garden privacy-screen.

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