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  • A resistant and decorative mulch of natural origin.

    Slate is a mineral rock, extracted in Brittany in the west of France. It is used as a natural mulch around borders, to delimit a path or in Japanese gardens. It has the advantage of having a neutral PH and does not need for maintenance.

    Besides its intrinsic qualities, slates flakes are appreciated for their blue/grey tinge, which makes them highly decorative. They will fulfil your needs perfectly if you are looking for an aesthetic mulch that brings out the colour of your plants.

    In the same way as canvas, the use of slates flakes has many advantages:
    - Limits weed growth by covering the soil.
    - Retains soil humidity, thus reducing watering.
    - Insulates plantsí roots to protect them against heat and frost.

    It is advised to spread a layer of slates flakes between 3 and 5 cm in depth around your plants. Before spreading, remember to hoe and weed the soil.

    Density: 1,4 Kg / Litre.
    Quantity needed for 1 m≤: 30 to 50 Litres (42 to 70 kg).
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  • Slates Flakes - 9 Litres
    Slates Flakes - 9 Litres

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