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  • This mix of seeds is made of 23 flowers varieties which will occupy the ground and prevent weeds from growing. It is designed to be sown in areas with difficult access such as roadsides. It will allow you to flower an area of 35 m.
    In limiting weeding and mowing, this mix of seeds is a natural alternative to weeding. It is made of annual and bi-annual plants including Poppy, Cornflower and Harebell.

    Volume: 400 ml of seeds
    Area covered: 35 m
    Flowers: mix of 23 varieties
    Height: 20 to 80 cm

    Usage: 1. Ground Preparation: Firstly take the time to weed your soil. Then, turn the soil over in breaking the clods to obtain a ground suitable for planting. Finish by raking and levelling the soil.

    2. Sowing: Before sowing, it is important to thoroughly mix the seeds (for example in a mixing bowl). The seeds will then be perfectly spread in the mix. Then sow the seeds evenly on your well prepared soil. The seeds having a guaranteed germination of 3 years, you can sow part of the packet this year and keep the remaining seeds for next year.

    3. Care: Rake the soil well to ensure that the seeds are mixed-in with the soil and find themselves buried at approximately 0.5cm in depth. Water after sowing. To germinate, seeds require humidity, light and warmth. The optimal conditions for a good germination are a temperature of 16C during the day and 8C at night.

    4. Growth: The seeds will germinate 2 to 3 weeks later. Remember to water the soil if necessary. The first blooms will appear in 6 to 8 weeks. As the flowers have different flowering periods, this mix of seeds guarantees you will have a beautiful flowered bed for 4 months.

    Sowing period: from Mid-March to end of June
    Blossom period: from May to September
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  • Roadside Flowering Mix - 35 m
    Roadside Flowering Mix - 35 m

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