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    Length: 150 cm
    Width: 65 cm
    Head weight: 560 g
    Head: Polymer
    Handle: Wooden, certified PEFC

    Brand: LEBORGNE
    Guarantee: 5 years.
    Reference: 369711.
    EAN: 3157333697111.

    For raking up leaves and garden rubbish on large outdoor surfaces

    - 65 cm working width (27 prongs).
    - The rigid shape and curved prongs prevent leaves from blocking the rake head.
    - Light solid polymer rake head.
    - Wooden handle certified PEFC (wood from sustainable managed sources).

    Strong points:
    The polymer rake head will not rust over time.
    A handle on the rake head makes it easier to collect piles of leaves.
    The handle is deeply embedded in the rake head to increase the strength of the rake.
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  • Rake 27 prongs - Leborgne
    Rake 27 prongs - Leborgne

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