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  • A durable and decorative mulch of natural origin.

    Pouzzolane is a volcanic rock, which comes from the Massif Central, an area of the centre of France. It is used as mulch in gardens, around trees, shrubs or existing flowering borders. Also known as 'lava rock', this rock with a neutral PH has the advantage of not deteriorating over time. It can also be used for re-potting, as a compost aerator or as a draining bed at the bottom of pots.

    Pouzzolane is appreciated for its brown/red shade, which changes slightly depending on climatic conditions. It can also be used to delimit plants in the lawn, thus bringing out the colour of the plants.

    In the same way as canvas, the use of Pouzzolane as a mulch has many advantages:
    - Limits weed growth by covering the soil.
    - Retains soil humidity, thus reducing watering.
    - Insulates plants roots to protect them against heat and frost.
    - Avoids asphyxia and roots rot (if used at the re-potting time).

    It is recommended to spread a layer of Pouzzolane about 5 cm in depth around your plants. Before spreading, remember to hoe and weed your soil.

    Density: 0,85 Kg / Litre.
    Quantity needed for 1 m²: 50 Litres (42,5 kg).
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  • Pouzzolane - 3,5 Litres
    Pouzzolane - 3,5 Litres

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