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  • Poster Mont Aiguille
    Poster Mont Aiguille
    Poster Mont Aiguille
    Poster Mont Aiguille
    Author: Planfor
    Poster Mont Aiguille
    Poster Mont Aiguille
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  • An original way of screening yourself from prying eyes!!!
    The concept is very simple: Protect yourself from prying eyes while choosing your scenery... A real escape towards new horizons, an opportunity to change your ambiance, a travel opportunity or simply remind yourself of your last holiday.
    Especially made for outdoor use, this balcony posters are highly weather resistant. Their hook-up system by eyelets is very practical.

    - Material: Polyester Mesh coated in PVC 285 gr.
    - Preparation: Rough-cut with fitted nickel coated brass eyelets (16 in total).
    - Eyelets: Approximately every 50cm along the long sides.
    - Concealment: 80 %.
    - Weight: 0,6 kg.
    - Digital printing on one side.
    - Installation Instructions include.

    Simple and easy with our: Elastic ties for privacy canvases fitted with eyelets.

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