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    Moles can cause considerable damage in the garden:
    - The molehills transform the lawn into a giant building site.
    - The moles eat useful worms.

    The nuisance: where and when ?
    - In lawns, vegetable gardens, ornamental gardens...
    - Moles are active all year round, especially throughout winter.

    Captures moles: Moles trap to catch moles without killing them.
    - Tubular trap.
    - The shutter closes behind the mole.
    - Control slit at the top of the trap.
    - The mole can be transported and released somewhere else.

    The advantages of catching moles:
    - No use of poison.
    - The trap is re-usable repeatedly.
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  • Moles - Captures moles
    Moles - Captures moles
    Moles trap
    without killing

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