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  • Suggested uses:
    - Mulching for small borders
    - Covering the surface of flower boxes and planters.

    IMPORTANT: Prepare the soil in advance of putting on the pine bark.

    - Maritime pine bark
    - Maritime pine bark is a natural product that comes from the forests of the Landes, which is the largest man grown forest in Europe.
    - This NF42 quality bark without filaments is perfectly graded, cleaned, without fine particles or filaments (fibrous matter found on the inside of the bark). It has undergone no chemical treatment.
    - The choice of size is primarily in function of the desired look.

    Agronomic description:
    - Prevents the growth of weeds
    - Protects against heat and frost
    - Creates a greenhouse effect that encourages plant growth
    - Limits the evaporation of water and keeps the soil damp and cool.
    - Stops the soil being flattened by protecting against rain
    - Enriches the soil as it rots down by adding organic matter

    Aesthetic interest:
    - Enhances the colour intensity of the plant’s leaves and flowers
    - Contrasts nicely with lawn<

    Chemical breakdown:
    pH (H2O) 5,5
    Conductivity (mS/m) 5
    Dry matter (% of gross product) 50
    Organic matter (% of dry product) 90
    Capacity for water retention (% volume) 9

    This bark conforms with:
    - NF U 44-551
    - Quality Certification NF 142 on Growing Mediums
    - European Ecolabel
    - European Regulation 834/2007 (may be used in biological agriculture)
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  • Maritime Pine Bark
    Maritime Pine Bark
    Maritime Pine Bark
    Maritime Pine Bark

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