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  • Lawn Shady Areas
    Lawn Shady Areas
    100% seeds.
    1kg lawn seed to sow 35 m of new lawn.
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  • Product Strong Points:
    - Slow growing
    - Shade tolerant
    - Esthetic
    Sowing Rates:
    - 1kg lawn seed to sow 35 m of new lawn.

    Lawn preparation:
    1 - Recommended sowing periods:
    April, May June, August, September and October.
    The sowing period is variable depending on the climate and the area.

    2 - Soil preparation:
    Fork over the site, 20 cm in depth.
    Crumble up the soil clumps.
    Rake level to leave a fine finish.
    It is possible that some weeds appear. Leave them to develop for a few days then apply a non-selective, non-residual and eco-friendly weed killer.

    3 - Sowing:
    In good weather, scatter the seeds regularly, in crossing the seeds for a homogeneous repartition (half of the seeds lengthways, the other half widthways).
    Lightly cover the seeds (3 to 8 mm deep).
    Go over with a roller to improve soil contact.
    Water daily as soon as the grass appears, then reduce watering to once a week but abundantly, when the lawn is established.

    4 - Lawn maintenance:
    The first cut can be done when the lawn is 8 to 10 cm in height for a cutting between 5 and 6 cm high. Limit moss development in favouring light, aeration of the soil using a scarifier and by lifting and removing dead leaves.
    In order to make your lawn last, bring in an organic fertilizer in autumn preferably and /or in the spring.

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