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  • 149.00 € KIGA S kitchen garden table - Red - Hurbz
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  • KIGA kitchen garden table S - Red - Hurbz
    KIGA kitchen garden table S - Red - Hurbz
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  • The Kiga kitchen garden table from the company HURBZ offers you an original design solution for growing your herbs, vegetables or even small fruit trees in a limited space. The size of the individual pots allows you to plant a wide range of plants. This table is perfect for a balcony, terrace or in the garden.

    The kitchen garden table consists of 2 individual modules that can be fixed together, each having its unique height and volume. They are made from polypropylene and treated against UV.

    Product advantages:
    - The height of the pots means that you can work without having to bend. Maximum height 88 cm.
    - In case of too much water, there is a hole in each foot to allow excess water to escape.
    - The pots have a geo textile pad that filters the water before it escapes.
    - The table is easily assembled; you just need to attach the bolts and nuts that are supplied (about 5 minutes).
    - If you need to move the kitchen garden table, the 2 individual modules will stack together one on top of the other.

    - 2 legs and 2 containers.
    - 2 bolts, 2 nuts coated with Teflon, 2 non-slip feet, 4 steel washers.
    - An Allen key and spanner.
    - Assembly instructions.

    - height: 88 cm max.
    - length: 64 cm.
    - width: 32 cm.
    - weight: 7 kg.

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