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  • Recommended temperature: At least 15C whilst dormant, at least 20C the rest of the time.
    Hygrometry: Dry atmosphere.
    Soil: Free draining, dry.
    Site: Full light, tolerates direct sun light.
    Geographical origins: Madagascar.

    Properties and uses:
    The kalanchoe is a magnificent succulent house plant that is easy to look after and very decorative.
    It also benefits from beautiful yellow flowers during the spring.

    Looking after advice:
    - Wait until the soil is very dry before watering it.
    - If the leaves start to droop then it is time to water it.
    - During the flowering season it is recommended to water it sparingly but regularly (1 to 2 times per week).
    - Feed it with organic fertiliser every fortnight from February through to the end of the flowering period.
    - You should also remove the dead flowers as they occur, this will encourage further flowering.
    - After flowering or in the autumn, re-pot the plant in a slightly bigger pot. You can also put your kalanchoe outside in full sun until the end of September.

    - Ideally, the kalanchoe will spend winter in a dry spot with very little heating.
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  • Kalanchoe white + Anthracite Cachepot
    Kalanchoe white + Anthracite Cachepot
    Plant grown in container - Container Diameter 12 cm
    Total Height: 30/35 cm - Height of plant: 20/25 cm (8/10")
    Author: Planfor

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