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  • A highly decorative mulch, of plants' origin..

    The hemp mulch is produced by the transformation of industrial hemp which is grown without using pesticides and fungicides. Its main property is to enrich the soil in stimulating its microflora when incorporated to the soil.

    The usage of hemp is recommended for annuals and bi-annual plants in flowerbeds, around Roses and shrubs as well as in window-boxes. Its light tint will enhance your plants by colour's contrast. Although very light, hemp mulch withstands wind well as soon as it has been humidified once.

    In the same way as canvas, the use of hemp as mulch offers several advantages:
    - Limits weeds' regrowth in covering up the soil. - Retains soil's humidity, so reduces watering. - Insulates plants' bases to protect them against heat and frost.

    It is recommended to spread hemp on a layer of approximately 5 cm high around your plants. Before spreading it, remember to hoe and weed the soil.

    PH: 7
    Organic' matter content: 15 % of the dry product
    Volume: 80 litres
    Weight: 8 Kg
    Requirement for 1 mē: 50 Litres (5 kg).
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  • Hemp Mulch
    Hemp Mulch
    Hemp Mulch
    Hemp Mulch

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