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  • Cook’in Garden has specialised for more than 30 years in outdoors cooking.
    The Company designs and commercialises large ranges of barbecues (coal and gas) as well as planchas.

    The Gas Barbecue FIESTA 3 allows you to prepare complete meals for the entire family thanks to a plancha, one cooking grill and a ‘standby’ grill. This top of the range product has a lid with double inner lining and 2 wheels to ease its displacement. This barbecue is designed to cater for up to 10 persons.

    Usage with propane and butane
    Plancha sold without gas pipe or regulator (usually supplied when purchasing gas).
    Screw on connector G ˝, standard size.

    - 2 cooking methods: grill or oven (thanks to the lid)
    - Ignition system integrated in each button
    - Fat drip drawer (5 aluminium containers included)
    - Lid with double, stainless steel inner lining and thermometer on the top
    - Trolley with 2 wheels to facilitate its displacement
    - 2 lateral shelves + 1 low tray
    - Individual flames’ protectors which prevent the fat to fall on the burners.

    - 1 enamelled cast-iron plancha, 1enamelled steel cooking grill, 1 chrome steel ‘standby’ grill
    - 3 stainless steel burners. Overall power 10.5 kW
    - metal trolley

    - Cooking surface: 61 x 41 cm
    - Cooking height: 86 cm
    - Overall dimensions: 125 x 57 x H.110 cm
    - Net weight: 32 kg
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  • Gas Barbecue - FIESTA 3  – Cook’in Garden
    Gas Barbecue - FIESTA 3 – Cook’in Garden

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