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  • The company Ubbink offers a wide choice of trendy fountains to decorate your garden. With a range of more than 50 models available, you are bound to find an original decoration to fit your outdoor space. The movement and the sound of water will also have a relaxing effect.

    The installation is rapid thanks to the detailed, assembly instructions provided.
    During winter, remember to protect your fountain from frost and to switch off your pump.

    Garden Fountain Sonora:
    Anthracite stone, modern and elegant basin with LED lighting on its top. Its square, compact shape allows it to be installed on a terrace, in a garden and even indoors.
    Materials: Poly-stone and Terrazzo (fragments of natural stone and coloured marble, aggregated with cement. The whole is polished until it gets the shine of a natural stone).
    Dimensions: 50 x 50 x H.33 cm

    Complete set, ready to use including:
    - A pump to connect to the mains (flow: 900 litres/hour)
    - LED lighting
    - All the necessary connecting material
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  • Garden Fountain SONORA - Ubbink
    Garden Fountain SONORA - Ubbink

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