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  • Mix made up of 25 floral species especially selected to attract useful insects in the garden such as Ladybirds, Syrphids...
    They feed on aphids so it allows the limitation of aphid's infestations on the vegetable plants: beans, peas, cabbages...
    The vegetable patch is therefore naturally protected against predatory insects.

    - 6 g. of flower seeds
    - 776 g. of coco fibres
    Capacity: 782 g.
    Covered area: 4m of flowers to protect a vegetable garden area of 50m or 8 Roses.
    Height: +/- 60 cm.

    Autumn sowing:

    Spring sowing:
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  • Flowers to limit aphids - Naturen
    Flowers to limit aphids - Naturen

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