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  • Flowers' mix especially selected to limit weeds.

    The 30 floral varieties in this mix will limit weeding in non-cultivated or difficult to mow areas: at the base of trees, along hedges, walls and other difficult to access areas.
    In covering the ground, these flowers will naturally prevent weeds growing.
    The different varieties of flowers are on average 30cm high.
    9 of the 30 varieties of the mix are perennial plants. They will come into flower each year between July and October.

    Mix of seeds for intercalary growing. Contains:
    - a mix of flowers' seeds for a garden in bloom throughout the entire year. (6 gr)
    - a coco vegetable fibre which will ease the seedlings' germination by retaining water.(776 gr)
    Countenance: 782 g.

    Covered area: 4 mē of flowers
    Height: +/- 30 cm.
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  • Flowers for reducing the growth of weeds - Naturen
    Flowers for reducing the growth of weeds - Naturen

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