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  • This mix of seeds contains varieties which thrive despite having very little sun exposure. Its content will allow you to decorate a shady area of approximately 15m2. You can for example sow these seeds around a tree base, along a wall or in a North -exposed zone...
    The mix is made of 28 varieties of annual and perennial plants including Salvia and Red Campion (cuckoo-flower). These flowers with their varied colours will brighten up areas which are often difficult to landscape.

    Volume: 400 ml of seeds
    Area covered: 15 mē
    Flowers: mix of 28 varieties
    Height: 20 to 60 cm

    Usage: 1. Ground Preparation: Firstly take the time to weed your soil. Then, turn the soil over in breaking the clods to obtain a ground suitable for planting. Finish by raking and levelling the soil.

    2. Sowing: Before sowing, it is important to thoroughly mix the seeds (for example in a mixing bowl). The seeds will then be perfectly spread in the mix. Then sow the seeds evenly on your well prepared soil. The seeds having a guaranteed germination of 3 years, you can sow part of the packet this year and keep the remaining seeds for next year.

    3. Care: Rake the soil well to ensure that the seeds are mixed-in with the soil and find themselves buried at approximately 0.5cm in depth. Water after sowing. To germinate, seeds require humidity, light and warmth. The optimal conditions for a good germination are a temperature of 16°C during the day and 8°C at night.

    4. Growth: The seeds will germinate 2 to 3 weeks later. Remember to water the soil if necessary. The first blooms will appear in 6 to 8 weeks. As the flowers have different flowering periods, this mix of seeds guarantees you will have a beautiful flowered bed for 4 months.

    Sowing period: from Mid-March to end of June
    Blossom period: from May to September
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  • Flowering mix for partially shaded areas - 15 mē
    Flowering mix for partially shaded areas - 15 mē

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