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  • Rather long variety, with a good yield and less seeds than the other traditional varieties.

    Type of soil: Rich and well drained. The soil needs to be worked deeply.
    Sowing time: From April to June.
    Harvest time: From July onwards.
    Minimum temperature: The soil temperature must be above 12C to allow germination.
    Site: Full sun.

    Sow directly in the ground:
    - Make holes at least 30 cm deep and spaced out 1 m in all directions.
    - Add a layer of vegetal matter at least 10 cm deep (lawn cutting waste for example) and cover with a mix of soil and compost (or a rich compost).
    - Place three seeds on the surface, which you cover up with soil. Water using a fine, rain like spray.
    - You will only keep the most robust seedling per hole when they have come through.
    - If you live in a cold area, you can sow in pots.

    Pruning and looking after:
    - Mulch the ground to avoid the fruits getting dirty.
    - Regularly pinch the branch extremities to encourage new shoots.
    - Water regularly.
    - You can let them run along the ground, or train them, as you wish.
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  • 'Long Maraicher' Cucumber
    'Long Maraicher' Cucumber
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    'Long Maraicher' Cucumber
    'Long Maraicher' Cucumber
    Packet of 4g
    Sowing from april to june Harvest from july to september.

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