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  • A recyclable and decorative mulching of natural origin.

    The coloured wood shavings are made from non-treated pine trees from the 'Landes forest', in the southwest of France. They are used around existing plants, to insulate plants or simply as a decorative addition. Allowing you to embellish your outdoor space (borders, tree surrounds, planters...) and bring a touch of originality at the same time.

    In the same way as canvas, the use of wood shavings has many advantages:
    - Limits weed growth by covering the soil.
    - Retains soil humidity, thus reducing watering.
    - Insulates plants roots to protect them against heat and frost.
    - Adds a mineral fertilizer during their decomposition.

    Wood shavings are a mulch that is recyclable and suitable for the compost bin.
    The colorants utilised are non- toxic and there is no danger for plants and animals. The coloration process used insures the maintenance of colour over time (no discolouration from rain or watering).

    It is advised to spread a layer of wood shavings about 6 cm in depth around your plants. Before spreading, remember to hoe and weed the soil.

    Density: 0,2 Kg / Litre.
    Quantity needed for 1 m: 60 Litres (12 kg).
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  • Coloured Wood Shavings - Natural
    Coloured Wood Shavings - Natural
    Coloured Wood Shavings - Natural
    Coloured Wood Shavings - Natural

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