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  • A mulch of vegetal' origin, usable in organic farming.

    The coco beans' shells are a natural mulch intended for gardens and vegetable patches' usage. Their main property is to enrich the soil, if the coco beans' shells are incorporated to the soil on a level of 25% to 40% at planting time.

    The use of coco beans' shells is recommended for flowerbeds of annual and biennial plants as well as around perennial plants, Rose bushes, Hydrangeas and fruit trees. Easy to scatter, they encourage an important microbial life and therefore participate to the roots' development and plants' growth.

    In the same way as canvas, the use of coco beans' shells as mulch offers several advantages:
    - Limits weeds' regrowth in covering up the soil.
    - Retains soil's humidity, so reduces watering.
    - Insulates plants' bases to protect them against heat and frost.

    It is recommended to spread the coco beans' shells on a layer of approximately 5 cm high around your plants. Before spreading them, remember to hoe and weed the soil.
    If you incorporate the coco beans' shells to soil in order to enrich it, the required quantity will depend on the volume of soil used.

    PH: 6.2
    Organic matter content: 93 % of the dry product
    Volume: 50 litres
    Weight: 6 Kg.
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  • Coco Beans Shells
    Coco Beans Shells
    Coco Beans Shells
    Coco Beans Shells

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