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  • Recommended temperature: 15 to 20C, minimum 10C.
    Hygrometry: Humid atmosphere.
    Soil: Rich, moist and free draining.
    Site: Shade to mid-shade.
    Geographical origins: Asian Tropical forest.

    Properties and uses:
    The Aglaonema is an indoor plant, which has bright, variegated foliage.
    It is sought after for its de-polluting properties, notably to neutralize benzene, toluene and formaldehyde.

    Looking after advice: The Aglaonema thrives in humid atmospheres
    - So we recommended to water it regularly but with moderation, and to spray water onto its foliage.
    - You can also grow it on a saucer filled with clay marbles or with other green plants, which will create a pleasing atmosphere.
    - Withstanding low light, it is the ideal plant for bathrooms.
    - Give it a little bit of fertilizer suitable for green houseplants, every months except in winter.
    - The Aglaonemas grow quite happily in small pots so re-potting is only necessary every two to three years.
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  • Chinese Evergreen Silver Bay + Cachepot Anthracite
    Chinese Evergreen Silver Bay + Cachepot Anthracite
    Plant grown in container - Container Diameter 12 cm
    Total Height: 30/40 cm - Height of plant: 20/30 cm (8/12")
    Author: Planfor

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