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  • Cook’in Garden has specialised for more than 30 years in outdoors cooking.
    The company designs and commercialises large ranges of barbecues (charcoal and gas) as well as griddles.

    The charcoal barbecue Isy Fonte 55 has a cooking surface designed to cater for 8 persons.
    Its cast iron pan resists to the highest temperatures and holds heat, better than a stainless steel model. Thicker and more solid, cast iron also wears better over time.
    The Easy Lighting® system (see photo) is a fast lighting system integrated in the barbecue. The top drawer is used to place the fire-lighters in and collect ashes after use. Thanks to its air-vents, you can control the barbecue’s temperature.

    - Lighting system "Easy Lighting" which allows a use in 10 minutes
    - 3 possible cooking heights
    - 2 lateral shelves and 1 low tray
    - equipped with 2 wheels to facilitate its moving.

    - 5 mm thick cast pan, Made in France.
    - Steel trolley with metal shelves
    - Chrome steel grill with ergonomic handles.

    - Pan dimensions: 59 x 44 cm
    - Cooking surface: 53 x 32 cm
    - Cooking height: 82 cm
    - Assembled dimensions: 101 x 59 x 98 cm
    - Net weight: 27 kg
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  • Charcoal Barbecue - ISY FONTE 55 – Cook’in Garden
    Charcoal Barbecue - ISY FONTE 55 – Cook’in Garden

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