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  • Recommended temperature: 12 to 22C.
    Hygrometry: Humid atmosphere.
    Soil: Acidic, rich and well drained.
    Site: Low light, away from windows.
    Geographical origins: South America.

    Characteristics and Uses:
    The Calathea 'Triostar' has shiny, highly decorative foliage. Its large, lance-shaped leaves are dark green pale green and cream, with purple and pink undersides.

    It has very few enemies:
    The Calathea needs humidity.
    - Place under its pot a saucer filled with clay marbles, which need to stay constantly humid.
    - Do not hesitate to spray water on its foliage if the air becomes dry.
    - Ideally, place it in a darker room and avoid placing it in direct sunrays.
    - Water with moderation, and let the soil getting dry between watering.
    - In the spring and the summer, every fortnight, give it a liquid fertilizer especially suited to green plants.
    - Expect and foresee an annual repoting, to be done in the spring into a slightly bigger pot.
    - After a few years, a surfacing should replace one every other repoting.
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  • Calathea 'Zebrina' + Anthracite Cachepot
    Calathea 'Zebrina' + Anthracite Cachepot
    Plant grown in container - Container Diameter 12 cm
    Total Height: 30/40 cm - Height of plant: 20/30 cm (8/12")
    Author: Planfor
    Calathea 'Zebrina' + Anthracite Cachepot
    Calathea 'Zebrina' + Anthracite Cachepot
    Author: Planfor

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