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  • Geographic origins: South and Central America.
    Adult size: up to 25 cm.
    Foliage: deciduous.
    Type of soil: moist, rich and well drained.
    Climate: not hardy (remove the bulbs from the ground over winter).
    Position: Partial shade to full sun.

    Characteristics and uses:
    These double white begonias produce magnificent and abundant flowers throughout the summer. They create a beautiful effect whether in pots, groups or in a bed.

    Begonia bulbs are planted in the spring in either a pot or the ground. Plant them in a mix of soil and compost and only once the frosts have passed. Remember to remove any dead flowers, as this will encourage further flowering.

    In the more southerly regions, it is worthwhile growing the begonias in partial shade to protect them from the burning midday sun.
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  • Begonia Double white
    Begonia Double white
    Author: Visions Pictures

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