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  • This high quality artificial lawn, releases a delicate fragrance of freshly cut grass. It is made of straight and wavy synthetic grass blades in different shades for a visual effect looking just like the real thing! It is pre-drilled to allow water to run onto the soil.
    Available in thickness of 30, 40 or 50 mm, it is a real green carpet that you can install on a terrace, a balcony or even around a swimming pool.
    The soil contact is pleasant even bare-feet, as this artificial lawn is particularly dense. It is made out of more than 13 000 stiches/m˛, each stitch being itself made of several synthetic grass blades.

    The synthetic or artificial lawn is a surface which has to be rolled out on the ground, to set up an outdoor space. It brings instantly a welcome touch of greenery in spaces where the natural growing of a lawn is difficult or even impossible (balcony, terrace, swimming pool surrounds, enclosed areas…). Manufactured with plastic material, it is a qualitative product which melts perfectly into your background.

    Artificial lawns have numerous advantages:
    - Easy to install
    - Long life span
    - No maintenance (no watering, no lawn to cut) for a lawn that is always green!

    How to install your artificial lawn:
    The artificial lawn strips can be easily installed by home owners on any flat surface. For an impeccable result, you nevertheless have to follow certain steps.

    Laying it down on a hard surface:
    First of all, you must make sure that the floor is smooth, clean and dry. If holes or cracks exist, it is highly recommended to fill them in. Then you can roll out your artificial lawn and place it in the intended area. To adapt your lawn strips to the available space, cut the extremities using a cutter, planting the blade on the bottom of the artificial lawn so as not to be bothered by the grass blades.

    For areas smaller than de 20m˛, you can simply attach the lawn strips using adhesive tape. For areas larger than 20m˛, the use of a connecting band and special glue allows a perfect fit of the lawn strips between themselves. When you attach the lawn strips together, ensure that they do not overlap. Finally, for a perfect finish, use a broom to straighten up the grass blades.

    On small areas, such as balconies or small terraces, it is not necessary to glue dawn the artificial lawn to the ground, “Heavy” objects placed on its top (flower pots, table, parasol base…) are enough to keep it down.

    Laying it down on a loose soil:
    The installation of an artificial lawn on a loose soil (earth, grass…) demands more work, as it is necessary to prepare the ground beforehand.
    First you have to remove all fragments and stones, then the vegetation. To return your soil to a stable, flat surface and facilitate its drainage, it is recommended to remove a top layer of approximately 10 cm and replace it with crushed or clayish sand or a sand + gravel mix.
    Compress the soil, and then recover it with a geotextile felt before installing your artificial lawn.
    The artificial lawn is then kept down thanks to fixing staples intended for that use. The different lawn strips can also be attached together using an adhesive tape.

    Looking after your artificial lawn:
    To remove small rubbish (green or household wastes) you only need to sweep the floor or use a blower. The smallest pieces of dirt can be aspirated.
    If a stain appears on your artificial lawn, wash it down with plenty of water.
    With time and use, the artificial lawn is going to flatten out in the most used areas. In this case, you only need to brush it with a broom to straighten up the blades. If you place some garden furniture on it, it is advisable to put down a little bit of sand where the furniture’ feet are sitting.
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  • Artificial Lawn - 50 mm
    Artificial Lawn - 50 mm
    Artificial Lawn - 50 mm
    Artificial Lawn - 50 mm

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