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  • An originally-shaped growing kit of aromatic plants
    Grow your aromatic plants in an innovative growing bag. Its transporting strap allows you to move it around easily (windowsill, balcony, terrace…) depending of the climatic conditions. You can also use it as a hanging garden!
    The seeds are BIO-certified (organic). The growing bag is filled with organic compost which distributes nutrients to your aromatic plants for more 100 days.

    How do I use the growing kit? Empty the planting compost in the growing bag spread the seeds then cover them up with a fine layer of compost. Humidify the surface slightly, ideally with a sprayer. Cover up the growing bag with the plastic- sheet included and close it with an elastic tie. Place the bag in a warm, bright spot. The ideal germination's temperature is 20°C (below 20°C, germination will be irregular and slower). Keep the compost slightly moist. As soon as the plants have developed enough, you will be able to remove the plastic sheet.

    Sowing time: February to May
    Harvest time: April to September

    Dimensions: Height: 22 cm
    Width: 13 cm
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  • Aromatic Plants Growing Kit – Chives
    Aromatic Plants Growing Kit – Chives

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