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  • Aquasolo pots 30 to 40 cm
    Aquasolo pots 30 to 40 cm
    Aquasolo pots 30 to 40 cm
    Aquasolo pots 30 to 40 cm
    Aquasolo pots 30 to 40 cm
    Aquasolo pots 30 to 40 cm
  • Description
  • A simple and efficient system...
    It provides autonomous and natural watering for your potted plants thanks to a reusable micro porous ceramic cone.

    The end of the cone has three different screw fittings that allow it to be used with plastic bottles of between 1 and 5 litres.
    After screwing the Aquasolo on to the bottle full of water, all you need to do is turn it upside down, pierce the end of the bottle and push it into the soil around the plant to start watering.

    Bottle of 1,5 L : 21 days.
    Bottle of 2 L : 28 days.
    Bottle of 5 L : 70 days.

    Environmentally friendly:
    Water consumption is controlled: no evaporation, thanks to the direct watering of the roots.
    Gives a second life to used plastic bottles.
    Uses no other source of energy: no batteries or electricity...
    The micro porous ceramic is a natural material.

    Advice and guidance:

    How should I maintain my Aquasolo ?
    To maximize the life of the Aquasolo, soak it in water and vinegar, brush it down and then rinse it.
    If using it for long periods, repeat this procedure every two months.
    Protect it from frost.

    What should I do if the water does not run properly ?
    Check that you have properly made a hole in the bottom of the bottle: the inflow of air created by this is essential for the correct operation of the system.
    Clean the cone using the procedure outlined above.
    Never attempt to pierce the ceramic or the plastic ring, it serves no purpose.

    My bottle does not fit properly, what should I do ?
    The Aquasolo fits all bottles between 0.5 and 5 litres, check that you are using the correct adapter or refit the adapter ensuring that it is the right model for the chosen bottle.

    The system is leaking, what should I do ?
    Check that the adapter used is the correct one for your bottle and is properly in place.
    If required, re-tighten it.

    Do the durations of watering vary ?
    The watering durations are approximate and can vary according to different factors such as seasons, inside or outside, position, quality of soil...

    Can I use it for fertilizer ?
    You can fill the bottle with a non-viscous liquid fertilizer, which will then be diffused via the cone.
    However, for the best operation of the cone it is recommended to only dissolve half the normal quantity of liquid fertilizer.

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