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  • Geographic origins: Central America and South America.
    Adult size: Up to 50 cm.
    Foliage: Deciduous.
    Type of soil: Rich and well drained.
    Climate: Not hardy, grown inside.
    Position: Full light to partial shade.

    Characteristics and uses:
    This Amaryllis has superb pink shade with a paler centre, single trumpet-shaped flowers. It can produce one to several flowering stems.

    Plant the Amaryllis between October and January in a 20cm diameter pot. Use a mix of garden soil, compost and sand; make sure the base of the pot has drainage. Flowering will occur two months after planting Make sure when planting that the top third of the bulb is above ground.

    Keep the soil moist whilst the roots establish, then place the pot in a very light room as soon as the flowering stems start to grow, water regularly and add liquid fertilizer once a week.

    How to make your bulb flower again:
    - Once the flowers have withered, remove the flowering stems and let the leaves develop.
    - As soon as there is no longer a risk of frost, put your bulb outside and keep it in partial shade.
    - Water it regularly and feed it with liquid fertilizer every week. During this period, the bulb will build up the strength needed to flower again.
    - When the leaves start to dry, reduce the watering and stop adding fertilizer, then cut off the dead leaves.
    - Bring your bulb back inside and keep it in a cool place sheltered from the sun. It must remain in this dormant and dry state for at least three months before starting the flowering cycle again.
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  • Amaryllis, Pink, single
    Amaryllis, Pink, single
    Author: Visions Pictures
    Amaryllis, Pink, single
    Amaryllis, Pink, single
    Pink flower - 1 bulb

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